On a grassroots marketplace level we have learned that hair salons and barbershops often can be a place where individuals are prone to open up about their lives with their hair stylist or barber. During these intimate conversations with their stylist or barber, individuals may share of their relationship that may be abusive or unhealthy. This data may or may not be captured by larger mainstream organizations with similar goals to advocate and serve populations with domestic violence issues. So with that in mind TCDC came up with the “Shop Talk” campaign.

The objective of the campaign is to engage community beauty salons and barbershops and encourage a partnership with TCDC Dove Initiative, to help bring awareness, education and advocacy concerning the plight of domestic violence.

Our goals for the campaign are to get at least 10 salons/barbershops to participate in a 4-week campaign to collect questionnaires from 500 clients (50 per salon) and to get at least 1000 followers to IG and Twitter. The questionnaire is 25 questions and asks if an action is true of you or your partner. After gathering the questionnaires we will document data to gain a better understanding of the health of relationships in our community.

It is also our goal to bring awareness to our DOVE initiative service offerings and help someone in need.

We just completed our first round!

We would like to congratulate the following salons for partnering with us in the first round:

Celebrity Hair Studio
565 Lefferts Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11203

Cocoa Mane
1185 Rogers Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11226

3521 Church Avenue
Brooklyn,  New York 11203

Lyfestylz Unisex Salon
5321 Clarendon Road
Brooklyn NY 11203

Kinky Edges
527 St. Marks Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11238