Together we can change the face of a community

A Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization in Brooklyn, New York

There are lots of reasons why you should volunteer with us, here are a few:

  1. You make a difference: Every person counts
  1. Volunteering encourages civic responsibility: Community service and volunteerism are an investment in our community and the people who live in it
  1. It promotes personal growth and self esteem: Understanding community needs; help foster empathy and self-efficacy
  1. You learn a lot! You learn things like:
  • Self: Volunteers discover hidden talents that may change your view on your self worth
  • Government: Through working with local Non-Profit 501(c)(3) agencies, volunteers learn about the functions and operations of our government
  • Community: Volunteers gain knowledge of local resources available to solve community needs
  1. It’s good for you: Volunteering provides physical and mental rewards
  • Reduces stress: Experts report that when you focus on someone else other than yourself, it interrupts usual tension producing patterns
  • Makes you healthier: Moods and emotions , like optimism, joy, and control over one’s fate, strengthen the immune system


Volunteer Opportunities

Here are the list of services we provide where you can volunteer and help make a positive impact

Volunteer Form

We’d love to have you! Please fill out the simple form below and we will be in contact ASAP. You can also email us at: info@topcommunitydevelopment.org